The 11+ Ways to Market Affiliate Links and Earn Money from it

Ways to Market Affiliate Links and Earn Money from it: One of the finest ways for bloggers to monetize their material is through affiliate marketing. You can increase the amount of money you make from each click by signing up for a high paying affiliate network and optimizing the performance of your affiliate links.

The revenue from affiliate marketing programs makes for 15% of total online revenue from digital media, and it is expected to increase by 10% annually until 2021.

Furthermore, up to eight out of 10 brands run affiliate programs.

So, how do you break into the affiliate marketing industry, launch a popular site, and use affiliate links to make a consistent income?

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You’ll discover how to get affiliate links, employ the top strategies for promoting your links and increasing website traffic, and develop into an effective affiliate marketing blogger in this tutorial.

Let’s get started

What Are Affiliate Links?

Exclusive URLs called affiliate links are used to monitor the traffic that comes from your website and goes to the advertiser’s website.

Each affiliate marketer has their own unique URLs that include distinctive identifiers like your username, a random string of numbers and letters, or some other method of identification.

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A record is sent to the affiliate program each time a website visitor clicks one of your affiliate links, allowing you to measure metrics like clicks, purchases, and affiliate commissions. Normally, you’ll only get paid a commission if a visitor buys something, but you might also get compensated for leads.

An affiliate marketing scheme uses cookies in addition to your unique ID in the URL to track activities. When a reader clicks on one of your affiliate links, a cookie—a little text file—is downloaded to their computer.

If a product is bought during a cookie duration window, this cookie captures the user’s actions and credits your affiliate account with the transaction (typically 30-90 days).

How to Get Affiliate Links

You must first sign up for an affiliate program before learning how to advertise affiliate links.

Sign up for affiliate networks and programs.
Publishers and website owners have access to many affiliate programs.
Investigate the programs that best suit your interests, goals, and areas of interest in digital marketing.

Some of the best ones are

When investigating the top affiliate programs, consider the merchants offered, the commission rates, and the application requirements.

To be eligible for some affiliate programs, candidates must adhere to specific requirements. I advise you to sign up with Shareasale if you’re just getting started.

Access Your Affiliate Dashboard and look for the Links

Log into your affiliate program after being approved to find your affiliate links.
You can choose which of the advertiser’s text links or banners you want to highlight on your website using this dashboard.

Your exclusive affiliate links will be created immediately for you to market with embedded HTML or just the link itself once you’ve chosen the text link.

Copy the HTML code or direct link and paste it into your content.

You must copy the HTML code or direct link after finding the appropriate advertiser and choosing the type of affiliate link.

Paste this code and/or link into the body of your blog post or website after that.
Additionally, you can hide your affiliate links and improve their appearance on your website by using a WordPress plugin like ThirstyAffiliates.

An example of something that looks nicer than a random string of numbers and letters is

ClickMeter is another another excellent link tracking tool. They enable you to centrally monitor, track, and optimize all of your affiliate links.

In addition, they have a well-known affiliate program where you may promote their link monitoring tool and earn a 90% commission.

Monitor Your Affiliate Links’ Success on the Dashboard

Return to your dashboard to monitor the performance of your affiliate links now that they are operational.
Although each platform differs somewhat, you may still use this tool to see the quantity of clicks, sales, and commissions.
Let’s now discuss the most effective strategies to leverage your affiliate links to generate online income in 2019.

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11 Easy Ways to Promote Affiliate Links

1. Reviews of affiliate websites

Top Affiliate  Networks To Join 2023

You should thoroughly study the businesses you’re endorsing and the services or products they provide, just as you did when you were looking into affiliate marketing programs to join.

Write frank reviews of the products you’re pushing on your affiliate site using this opportunity (and don’t forget to include your affiliate links).

Your primary attention should be placed on conducting keyword research and adding headings that most closely correspond to a searcher’s goal when looking up the product you’re promoting.

Write in-depth descriptions of everything a potential client could want to know in these reviews, such as:

  • how to purchase or set up the product.
  • the main benefits and drawbacks of utilizing the product.
  • Examples of people who have used the product successfully.
  • Advice for making your product successful that your audience can apply.

While you are utilizing these evaluations to drive traffic to your affiliate links, it is crucial that your material is unbiased, equitable, and open.
Make sure to understand how other review sites operate because they are one of the best venues to market your own website.

2. Strong Product Tutorials

In-depth product lessons can help you market affiliate links in addition to writing reviews of the products themselves.

This is comparable to reviews, but you’re diving deep into stuff that is “how-to” focused.
If you sign up for the Amazon Associates affiliate network, for instance, choose things you are familiar with and create content about them:

  • What to do with the merchandise.
  • How to place a product order.
  • The product’s benefits and drawbacks.
  • Where to locate the item
  • Expert product advice.

Since Amazon already has a strong reputation when it comes to product reviews, generating affiliate sales through the Amazon affiliate program is not too difficult.
As a result, both newcomers and more seasoned individuals might think about earning affiliate revenue and operating an online store as an Amazon associate.

3. Affiliate banners

Affiliate programs also offer links in the form of affiliate banners in addition to text links in your blog content.

These clickable banners can be positioned in a variety of locations on your website, including:

  • Your blog’s sidebar
  • The website’s header and footer.
  • Integrated into blog posts.
  • When sending marketing emails.

Before using affiliate banners, make sure your specific affiliate program permits it.
Then, copy the provided HTML and paste it where you want it on your website.

Here are some banners from the Bluehost affiliate program as an illustration that you may copy and paste into your website:

Never be reluctant to ask the manager of the affiliate program for assistance if you need it. Remember that banners are losing their effectiveness due to “banner blindness,” therefore use contextual text links as much as you can.

4. Welcome email automation

Gaining a devoted readership is essential for long-term success as an affiliate marketer and blogger.
Email marketing is a useful strategy for increasing website traffic, disseminating content, and maintaining reader relationships.

Give readers the correct incentives to join your email list after they subscribe to your site so you can send them an automatic welcome email series.

Use affiliate links to share pertinent articles in this email.

Be careful not to overuse your links, though.

For instance, don’t automatically fill email 1 with a ton of affiliate links if your seven-part welcome email series is about setting up a WordPress site.

By sharing your special tale with your audience, you should first earn their trust before delivering the information that will benefit them the most.

Aiding your readers comes before earning affiliate commissions.

5. Resources or Tools Pages

To produce ongoing and passive revenue from your affiliate links, you need to position yourself as an authority or thought leader on particular topics.

As part of your affiliate marketing strategy, create a Resources page on your website highlighting the top tools and products you recommend.

On this page, list and discuss the products you regularly use and recommend – and you can’t fake this.
You must authentically use the products on your resource page and love them so that you know your readers will benefit from their use.

6. The Interior Of Digital Goods

You can start creating and offering your audience exclusive digital products like eBooks and online courses as your website and following expand.

It goes without saying that these digital products offer ideal opportunities to include your affiliate links.
Make sure to naturally integrate these links into your content.

Your digital products should feel more like opportunities for readers to learn more about a particular subject than like sales collateral.

For instance, section 1 of your online course on starting a blog might contain an affiliate link to sign up with Bluehost as a hosting company.
In your course, it makes sense to have your affiliate link there.

7. YouTube Affiliate Links

You are aware that videos are an effective marketing strategy, particularly for affiliate marketers. Animoto discovered that 93% of small businesses claimed to have acquired a new client as a direct result of a social media video.

You may make videos about a range of subjects as an affiliate marketer and incorporate your affiliate links into them.

You can incorporate affiliate links into your video material using one of two methods

First off, incorporating YouTube affiliate links in your video description is the simplest method to use them.

If you choose this strategy, make sure to attract attention to the description in your video both orally and visually.

To point viewers in the appropriate direction, the majority of YouTubers utilize statements like “Click on the links in the description below.”

Use of YouTube annotations constitutes the second strategy.
These are the transparent boxes with a call-to-action that appear in YouTube videos at specific times and locations.

The hyperlinks in each box provide the ideal location for your affiliate links.
Use both YouTube affiliate link strategies to your advantage for the best results

8. Facebook promotion of affiliate links

You may also share your affiliate links on Facebook by using your personal profile or a page for your online business.

Be careful not to over-post affiliate links in your followers’ Facebook newsfeed.
You want to persuade people to use your affiliate links and buy anything.

Post engaging, instructive, and amusing content that contains affiliate links to achieve this.

9. Affiliate links for Instagram

You can drive affiliate traffic from your Instagram posts in a similar way to how you promote affiliate links on Facebook. Instagram postings are not clickable, though, so there is one notable exception.
Instead, you need to get people to click a link in your bio.

Add links to Instagram Stickers as a solution to this issue.
You can include them in your tales so that readers can click on them to go somewhere you choose.

If making sales on Instagram is important to you, start by cultivating a devoted following. These devoted fans are more likely to interact with your content and click on your affiliate links, whether they are in the bio or Instagram Stories.

10. Affiliate links on Pinterest

You have many options to increase traffic to your affiliate links as Pinterest is a visual social media network, especially if those links advertise physical things.

Create boards and pins focused on a certain product for the greatest results.
Alternately, you might add a pin with your affiliate link on a board with a more general focus.
For instance, if you are an affiliate marketer for a nutrition firm, make a Pinterest board with advice, suggestions, and recipes for healthy eating.

Make sure to include one or two pins with your affiliate links on that board.
Check your affiliate dashboard and Pinterest Analytics to test out both strategies and discover which one produces the best results.

11. Links from Twitter affiliates

On Twitter, there is some wordplay involved with using affiliate links.
You must be imaginative because you only have 280 characters to persuade a reader to click on your affiliate link.

Try out various copywriting philosophies to determine which one generates the most clicks on affiliate links.
To produce more captivating material for your target audience, you can also include an image or a video with your social media copy and links.

But the majority of affiliate marketers utilize Twitter to drive traffic to their blogs and websites.
From there, they induce users to click on the embedded affiliate links by employing other strategies we’ve looked at.

How to Disclose Your Affiliate Link

You must disclose your participation in affiliate programs if you work as an affiliate marketer.
At the outset of their content and on a separate page of their website, the majority of content producers will provide a brief paragraph outlining the connection between the content and the affiliate program sponsor.

An appropriate affiliate link disclosure at the top of a blog post might be like follows:

In my capacity as a blogger, my writing might contain affiliate links from sponsors. If readers click, buy, or subscribe after clicking one of these links, I could get paid. However, I wholeheartedly endorse these tools, as they have greatly aided my site.

Be sure to disclose the affiliate programs you are a member of and information about your association on your dedicated affiliate disclosure page for the utmost openness.

For ideas, look at these samples.

You run the risk of breaking FTC rules and maybe paying a fee if you don’t disclose affiliate links. In addition, if you don’t properly declare your participation online, affiliate advertisers have the right to kick you out of their programs

Tips for Making Your Affiliate Links Successful

To maximize the monetization of their blogs, bloggers must stay current with the trends in affiliate marketing. Use these five suggestions to ensure sustained affiliate marketing success in 2019.

Employ affiliate link cloaking

Depending on the identifiers a program employs, affiliate links may be very long.
Instead, automatically shorten your links by using an affiliate link cloaking solution like the ThirstyAffiliates WordPress plugin.

You may manage your links, insert them into pertinent content, and make use of sophisticated capabilities like geo-targeting using the plugin’s WordPress dashboard.

An affiliate link cloaking solution not only simplifies tracking and maintaining your links, but also shows your links in a polished, branded way.

Market a number of affiliate products

You can promote as many items and advertisers as you like as an affiliate marketer.
You can advertise anything on a travel blog, including hotels, luggage firms, travel accessories, and affiliate programs for airlines.

Additionally, if you choose to diversity your content, make sure you classify the content.
For instance, if you operate a blog about fashion, you can sign up for affiliate programs for accessories, apparel, and beauty.

Create various content types for each category and silo them into distinct areas of your website.
By doing this, you can have multiple money streams at once and make sure your content is easily accessed.

However, avoid using too many products excessively

It wouldn’t make sense to publish content marketing a web hosting provider on a website devoted to fashion, to use our prior example.

Although you are free to sign up for as many affiliate programs as you are eligible for, doing so excessively can complicate your business and confuse viewers.

Instead of publishing content for all sectors on one website, if you want to join in affiliate programs for many industries, try developing separate websites for each topic.

Diversify Your Affiliate Link Placement

Today, we looked at a number of places where you can advertise your affiliate links. To maximize revenue, it is in your best interest to diversify where you use your connections.
Your affiliate links should be promoted in:

  • Content and reviews on blogs.
  • Product recommendations.
  • YouTube Videos.
  • Ad banners.
  • Posts on social media.
  • Emails for marketing purposes.
  • Electronic products (i.e. eBooks, online courses).

Your options are virtually limitless. Why set yourself back?

Focus on Your Audience

It all comes down to your audience in the end. If your audience won’t engage with the content, don’t produce it for link promotion purposes.

First, fully comprehend the requirements, preferences, and problems of your target audience.
Then make content available that offers the greatest remedy.

Your objective is to provide the best material to your viewers (that can also generate sales for through affiliate links).

However, there is no possibility of making a sale if your audience does not already know, like, and trust you.

Get More Leads by Engaging Your Audience

Everything depends on your audience. If you want them to become a customer, you must gain their interests, focus, and trust.

Even though you aren’t selling your own goods, your success depends on how well-engaged your audience is.

This can be achieved by providing high-quality, valuable information. Just make sure the material you produce is original and pertinent to the affiliate marketing sector. In this method, you will appear in Google searches for relevant terms.

The dialogue you have with prospective clients is crucial as well since the next step is to engage them further when they find you on Google, social media, and other channels.

Regularly audit and improve

You should monitor the state of your industry with regard to your affiliate links and promotions in the same way that content marketers must.

An affiliate link management tool can be used to assist you.

You will be able to see how well your things are selling, how much money is being made, and which products are selling the best with this. Afterward, you can make greater use of that knowledge to advance your efforts and better market your other goods.

Affiliate marketing is similar to all other forms of marketing. You must monitor your statistics and look for opportunities to make it better.

However, with affiliate links, you have to pay closer attention to the situation since if there are no conversions, it doesn’t really matter if you are getting more affiliate connections.

You can look at things like how many people click on each link, which products are converting the best, and a long list of other things by evaluating your statistics. In this manner, you can guarantee repeat business.

Making sure that you just concentrate on the data that is pertinent to your affiliate marketing business and what you need to work on is crucial when preparing your reports.

Keep up with current trends

It is essential to be informed about the developments in your sector.

You must be aware of the influencers and keep a step ahead of them at all times. By doing so, you may ensure that your audience respects you as an authority figure while increasing traffic to your affiliate links.
You can stay on top of things using a variety of internet tools.

Do some research on your competitors’ items, check what they promote, and decide if you think it’s something that merits advertising.

Use affiliate managers

You may have the opportunity to work with an affiliate manager through the programs you join, such as Clickbank and other options.

This individual can help you build up your landing page, give you advice on how to increase your conversion rates, and even offer you higher commissions and better rewards once you’ve made a particular amount of affiliate sales.

Using an affiliate manager in your marketing initiatives has a variety of advantages.

Take Affiliate Link Attribution into Consideration

Make sure the affiliate links are being linked to your account whether you are selling products on different affiliate networks, providing search engines with referral advice, or dropshipping on eBay.

Link attribution is crucial since it stops someone from attempting to claim the credit on their own and makes it easier for you to keep track of all the clicks and your earnings.

If you’re a retailer and you can’t link an SEO campaign or sponsored traffic strategy to a sale, there’s no value in investing in them.

Knowing where your conversions are coming from is crucial since it tells you whether or not your marketing efforts are working.

Whenever you can, use templates

Whether you have an established company or are just starting out, employing templates will save you time and money.

There are many internet shops where you may purchase eye-catching banners that already have an affiliate link attached.
In this manner, all you need to do is enter your business information and publish it on your website or social network.

In Conclusion

It’s time to put your newly acquired information to use now that you are fully aware of how affiliate links operate, where to promote them, and how to completely disclose your participation in affiliate programs.

Check out some high paying affiliate programs to join, grab those links, set them where your audience will see them, and start making money off your blog right away.

I’m hoping that these affiliate link tactics will enable you to start making more money from each click


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