“Over 30 Valuable and Free Resources for Digital Marketing Professionals”

30 Valuable and Free Resources for Digital Marketing

30 Valuable and Free Resources for Digital Marketing: I have organized a collection of tools into different categories that make the job of a digital marketer simple. For similar use cases, there are many tools on the market. I’ve provided a list of the equipment I currently use or had in the past.

The majority of these tools are either free or have a free plan with some useful free features.

Please keep in mind that you can explore the additional functionality that some of the tools feature. I have merely stated the use cases and USPs of the tools I have used for the purpose of simplicity.

The list of tools below includes the majority of uses and is more than sufficient for a good marketer. Millions of tools exist that are mostly used for the same purpose.

The first research for the tools might be rather overwhelming. I therefore made this list to simplify your life.

Regular updates will be made to the list. To access the account creation page immediately, click the tool’s name.

Competitor and Market Research Tools for Digital Marketers:

30 Valuable and Free Resources for Digital Marketing

Similar Web: An insightful tool for web and app analytics that allows you to gather information such as traffic, ranking, installs, traffic sources, bounce rate, and country-specific traffic data. This is useful when conducting a client audit or a business pitch, or to understand your competitors’ analytics.

Social Blade:

A useful tool for analyzing social media handles, especially YouTube channels. It accurately reports on subscribers, video uploads, channel creation date, category, country, and rank. You can also track the channel’s day-wise views, subscribers, and overall growth over the last 12 months.


A massive platform that offers research and data on millions of topics. You can access and download pictures, statistics, books, articles, and research on a vast array of subjects, making it an ideal resource for market research for business pitches or proposals.

Facebook Ad Library:

A comprehensive tool for checking the ads your competitors are running on Facebook and Instagram. This helps you understand what your competitors are doing and what ads are working for them, providing valuable insights for competitor audits and creative approaches.

Note: Do not rely on the earnings report as it is only an estimate and is often incorrect.”

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Tools for YouTube Creators:

30 Valuable and Free Resources for Digital Marketing


An excellent software for creating YouTube tutorial videos and editing software, in my opinion, for new creators. If you want to record both your screen and camera at the same time and have an easy-to-use post-recording editing software, then this is the best option.

It includes features like green screen, multiple screen recordings, audio recording, and post-recording processing. Almost all the videos I have posted on my channel since June 2021 were recorded and edited in Camtasia 2019 (an older version).


A highly useful tool for YouTube channel owners. It can be used to perform an audit of your channel in terms of performance and to identify opportunities for improvement. You can also use it to understand what other channels are doing in terms of YouTube SEO, tags, rankings, and keywords. It also provides deeper and more easily understood insights about your channel and competitors.


An extremely helpful tool for going live on YouTube and other social platforms. It allows you to go live on all social media platforms together and customize the output video. You can show comments on the video, brand the video, and even invite multiple participants to the live stream. It can also be used to schedule live events on almost all social media platforms.”

Important Admin Tools and Partnerships:


A provider of exclusive whitelisted agency ad accounts for the main platforms such as Google, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, and Snap.

The benefits of these accounts include a reduced likelihood of getting blocked, unlimited spending limits, the highest level of support available, fast turnaround times in the industry, direct line access to representatives, all geographies unlocked for TikTok and Snap, Google cash back accounts, and special allow listing on Twitter. Book a free consultation call today.


This tool monitors the Google Ads traffic your website receives 24/7 and analyzes all visits from paid sources for fraudulent activity, blocking it instantly if detected.

This means that your ads won’t be shown to those fraudulent sources again, and you’ll have more budget for the right people. Get a free trial by clicking the link.”

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Automated Email and Landing Page Solutions:


One of the few tools that offers a range of features in its free plan.
Use it for automated email campaigns, newsletters, and in-depth reporting.

You can also host video courses and digital products with ease, set up payment methods, host a blog with or without a custom domain, create landing pages, and click funnels.


Build a premium native mobile app with ease using the most powerful mobile app builder.
You can quickly turn your website into an app in minutes, without having to write a single line of code. Supports both Android and iOS.

Google Forms

A simple solution for creating online forms, quizzes, and surveys with interactive features.
However, it does not support custom domains and requires a Gmail account.
All of my video quizzes are created using Google Forms.

Google Sites

A tool for creating HTML pages or webpages with an easy drag-and-drop interface.
Perfect for quickly setting up information pages without having to worry about a website or domain. Allows for easy collaboration with your team by sharing access.

Drag & Drop Sales Funnel Builder for WordPress

Use WPFunnels to create high converting landing pages, sales funnels, and checkout flows in minutes.

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Audience Research

Sparktor (Learn More)

Audience insights are available at your fingertips, as the tagline states. This is an incredible tool that offers a ton of information under the free plan.

The simplest method to use this platform is to provide any input, for example

  • What is discussed by your audience
  • What terminology they employ on their social media platforms
  • which webpage they access

You can get audience insights from the tools like:

  • Information about the audience’s demographics and other factors
  • How else they employ language on their profiles
  • What social media profiles they follow, top hashtags (You can target this in Twitter)
  • which websites do they frequently visit
  • What podcasts and YouTube channels they follow


Although a bit pricey, this is an excellent tool. includes two modules.

Accessing Audiense: An excellent tool for Twitter analytics is this module. This tool is designed for those who work with Twitter handles.

Customer insights: This module combines information signals from several sources, including IBM Watson and others, to provide you with incredibly precise insights into your audience.

– Extension for Crystal AI

There is a free version of this Google Chrome addon.

When you visit a LinkedIn profile after this has been uploaded to your Google Chrome browser, the extension provides you with thorough information about the person you are viewing, including information about their work ethics, decision-making process, and other factors.

Feed for lead

This tool analyzes the traffic to your website and provides information on your audiences, including the companies they work for (Account Based Marketing).

Tools for Keyword Research

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Creating graphics, edits, and social media content


  • An excellent tool for novice users to produce social media content, images, posts, videos, resumes, and website banners
  • With the click of a button, you may make any kind of images and videos by selecting from thousands of templates.
  • has some excellent templates, even in the free edition, that may be used to quickly develop content.
  • If you have Canva, you don’t need to hire a designer.
  • To receive a free month of the Pro version, click the link above.


Simply put, it’s the Web version of Adobe Photoshop, which allows for advanced graphic design and the generation of thumbnails.
Use it only if you are familiar with graphic design software.

No account signup or login is necessary.

Elements from Envato (Learn More)

I use this tool because unlike other marketplaces like Shutterstock, there is no download cap.
You can download 4K video, photos, graphics, music, layouts, and even WordPress themes for free.

Reporting and Presentations

– Google Slides

Google Slides is your best alternative if you don’t have MS Powerpoint or want to work on a presentation with someone else online.

Carnival Slides

No one enjoys starting from scratch or hiring a designer to make a good presentation.
There are ready-to-use presentation templates in this library.

You have a variety of alternatives while searching for themes, like quirky, business, and others.
Once you’ve decided on a theme, you can immediately copy it into Google Slides or Microsoft Powerpoint to get to work.

Totally free!

Garden Report

A paid solution with automated reporting from numerous sources, including Google Ads, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc., that is excellent for small clients.

can be used to connect many sources, such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc., and construct a template with graphs and other graphics.

Once finished, you may easily schedule the report or generate it whenever you choose.
Additionally, it manages the budget, and some amount of automation is offered.

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Web Analytics and Data Visualization

Google Analytics

This well-known tool comes in both a free and paid version (GA360) and is one of the best and most widely used Web and App analytics tools.

Simply place a tag on your website to monitor various aspects of your traffic such as sessions, bounce rate, traffic source, medium, geographic location, and demographics.

Additionally, you can track user behavior on your website or app, including actions taken and navigation patterns.

Microsoft Clarity

This free tool offers an interesting way to understand user behavior with your UI. Simply place a tag on your website to access actual screen recordings of users and see their journey through your site. Heat maps and rage click areas can be analyzed to optimize your UI and identify the most clickable areas for users.

Data Studio

A free offering from Google, Data Studio is one of the easiest and best data visualization tools. Create graphical dashboards to represent data from sources such as Excel sheets, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and many other platforms. With real-time dashboards and a variety of free templates available, you can easily connect your ad platforms and share reporting with anyone.


If you have a Google Studio dashboard, you can connect all Google properties, including YouTube. However, to connect non-Google platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and Yahoo, you will need to subscribe to a connector.

Supermetrics is a practical and cost-effective solution for this. Simply choose the Supermetrics connector in Data Studio, create an account, and you’re ready to go.

Additional Extensions and Tools

Google Tag Assistant

With Google’s Chrome plugin, you can check the implementation of all Google tags on any site, both your own and others’. Simply enable the extension to observe which Google tags are being fired and ensure that they are working properly. Once your customer has confirmed the implementation of conversion and remarketing pixels, this is a useful tool for testing tags.

– Facebook Pixel Assistant

This Chrome extension works similarly to Google Tag Assistant, but only with Facebook pixels. It aids in the testing and verification of Facebook pixels on any website.
More categories are on the way…

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